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Cakes And Baked Goods: Everything You Need In Round Rock, TX

  • How do I order a custom cake?
    The only way you can order a custom cake, is to call, email, or come in person to our location. Providing reference photos is not necessary, but may be helpful depending on the design you want.
  • How long in advance do I need to order a custom cake?
    To guarantee your cake will be ready in time, we recommend that you call 2-3 weeks ahead. But, this does depend on the detail of the cake. The more elaborate the cake, the more time we will need to make it perfect!
  • Do you make Vegan, eggless, gluten free, or sugar free cakes?
    No, I'm sorry we do not. Our kitchen isn't set up to accommodate these dietary preferences.
  • Do you teach baking classes?
    No, not at this time, but we're hoping to in the future. We love baking and would love to share our knowledge with the Round Rock community!
  • Do you have seating?
    Yes, we have outdoor seating. Come by and visit our sit down coffee shop, breakfast bakery, and menu!
  • Do you deliver?
    Yes, but we have a delivery charge. Additionally, we only deliver cakes at this time, though we are working on expanding our ability to deliver in the future.
  • Do you sell smash cakes?
    Yes, we do sell smash cakes. It's a 4" cake, and we're sure your baby will love it for their first birthday party!
  • Do you do private parties?
    Yes, we do, but our only available seating is outside at the moment. Please contact us to schedule your private party.
  • If I need to make a change on my order, how much time do I need to give you?
    To ensure your changes will be implemented on time, we need at least one week before the order is due in order to make changes.
  • Can we order items that are not on the menu?
    Yes, generally, but you will need to call in advance to confirm.
  • What is the cancellation policy for custom cake orders?
    Cancellations must be made during business hours. Any cancellations up to the two weeks prior will incur a minimum cancellation fee of 20% of the cost. The remaining balance of the cake will be in the form of a store credit or a gift card. There are no refunds within two weeks prior to the pick-up or delivery date.
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